Mission Against Terror Drops the Pig Bomb
March 30, 2011

TORONTO, ON March 30, 2011—Mission Against Terror ( http://mat.subagames.com), everyone's favorite free-to-play shooter from Wicked Interactive, rocks on with even more new goodies for its massive March update. In addition to new weapons and achievements, the title, which now boasts more than 100,000 registered players, adds new maps, new in-game items, even more weapons as well as special grenades that turn enemies into pigs and turtles that can't fire back.

"This is not an early April Fools' joke: we really are bringing all these great things to the game," said Sam Ho, Director, Wicked Interactive. "All the hard work over past six months has brought us to a new and exciting level in the game where the volume of players combined with the mature feature set and advanced mechanics make for an immersive and fun experience for gamers of all stripes, from pros to casual players."


• Two new maps are being introduced: 1) Kandahar Border Post, which can be played in Bomb Mode and Team Deathmatch; 2) Zi Ling Park, which can be played in Team Deathmatch.


• Suba Soaker(water gun), Suba Light (beer bottle used as a melee weapon...For those who like to keep the St. Patrick’s Day spirit going year-round), Brick(melee weapon)

NEW ITEMS (to mess with your Enemies' minds):

• Pig Bomb and Turtle Bomb are grenades that turn opponents into little cartoony animals that can’t fire back. Smell the pwnge!

• Noise Jammer is an item that emits a ghost’s signature breathing sound, used to fool the other team into thinking there’s a ghost in the area -- choose from the Opera Mask, various funny spray images.

• New clothing: For guys, there’s the “Royal Purple” set of clothes, for the ladies, there’s the “Fairy Fantasy” set of clothes.

• Players can buy robot suits to dress up like the AI robots they fight against in AI Mode.

Set in a near-future not so different from our own time, M.A.T. pits teams against one another in a bitter battle for the survival of the human race. Unanimously hailed for its solid gameplay and wide variety of game modes, M.A.T. has taken North America by storm, after becoming quite popular in Asia and other parts of the world.

To sign up for Mission Against Terror, or just find out more info about the game, visit the official M.A.T. site: http://mat.subagames.com.